Hydrological modelling has long played an important role for informing and guiding Victorian water policy and water resource planning and management decision-making.

The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) endorsed a National Hydrological Modelling Strategy (NHMS) in 2008 to support and enhance hydrologic modelling and to ensure future water planning and management across Australia is informed by best practice modelling. An integrated river basin water resources modelling platform known as Source is the key deliverable of the strategy.

The platform is developed and maintained by eWater Limited, a joint government-owned, not-for-profit partnership, of which the State of Victoria is a company member.

A map of sources for and uses of eWater

Source is designed to simulate all aspects of water resource systems to support integrated planning, operations and governance from urban, catchment to river basin scales including human and ecological influences. Its purpose is to provide a common and consistent hydrological modelling platform initially across the Murray Darling Basin and Australia wide over long term.

For more information on Source please visit the eWater website.

DELWP has developed a strategy to transition from REALM to Source. This strategy will guide the continued adoption of Source for water resource modelling in Victoria.

In line with the strategy Source hydrological models are under development. The Goulburn, Broken, Campaspe, Coliban and Loddon (GBCCL) daily Source model which covers Northern Victoria was identified as a priority due to the significance of the water resources, the location within the Murray Darling Basin and the complexity of the water sharing arrangements. The model has been developed to a foundational model state and is awaiting independent review to confirm that the model is able to adequately reflect Northern Victorian water management practices. Once the review is complete targeted stakeholder engagement will take place to allow the model to be integrated into decision making processes. The Source Murray Model has been developed by MDBA with input from jurisdictions including Victoria.

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