Most of central and western Victoria observed drier than average conditions during March; only areas in the State's north-east and above Warrnambool recorded above average rainfall totals.  

State-wide, rainfall was 33% below the long-term average for the whole of Victoria. Rainfall for most of the west, central and south-eastern Victoria was below average in March, with only north-east Victoria and an area over Warrnambool reporting above average rainfall (Figure 1).

Most of the Mallee, and parts of the Wimmera and North districts received less than 20% of their March average. Several cold fronts and low-pressure troughs brought mostly light to moderate rainfall to parts of Victoria during March, most notably on the 18th and 19th to Gippsland and, more widespread, on the 25th, 29th and the 30th.

The highest totals for the month were recorded in Mt Hotham, which received 116 mm on the 25th March. The lowest rainfall total was received in Upper Plenty (near the Kinglake National Park) which received its lowest March rainfall on record since 1998.

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Rainfall deciles

March 2019 rainfall deciles in Victoria

Rainfall percentages

March 2019 rainfall percentages for Victoria

Rainfall totals in millimetres

March 2019 rainfall totals in millimeters for Victoria