December 2019 was Victoria's third driest December on record, with below to very much below average rainfall recorded across most of the state. Eastern and most of western Victoria received very little rain, with large areas receiving less than 10 mm of rainfall for the whole month.

The statewide average rainfall total was 78% below the December average of 48 mm; it was the third-lowest December rainfall total on record, and the lowest since 1972.

While the highest monthly total of 58.6 mm was recorded at Balook, east of Melbourne, 13 sites had their lowest total December rainfall on record and 39 sites had their lowest total December rainfall for at least 20 years.

Victoria's rainfall in 2019 was about 28% below average, drier than 2018 and much drier than 2017.

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Rainfall deciles

Victorian rainfall deciles for December 2019

Rainfall percentages

Percentage of rainfall received in December 2019 in Victoria

Rainfall totals in millimetres

Total rainfall in millimeters received in Victoria in December 2019