Improving diversity and inclusion in the water sector is a priority. This includes targeted approaches to improve gender and cultural diversity in both executive leadership and organisations. This diversity will help build a culture open to new ideas and that reflects the communities served.

There are clear benefits to having gender and cultural diversity in the boards and management of the water sector, such as providing a range of perspectives and driving efficient and innovative service delivery.

Water corporations are required to focus on strategies to improve diversity and inclusion including gender equity through requirements under the Gender Equality Act 2020 and participation of Aboriginal people in their business operations.

Water Corporations employee Gender Diversity breakdown

2021 - 2022 Water corporations employee gender diversity breakdown. Male 61.88%, self described 0.06%, female 38.06%

Source: 2021-22 Water Corporations Annual Reports.Total workforce about 6,296 FTE.

Page last updated: 19/05/23