High performing Water suppliers

The Minister for Water has sent a Letter of Expectations to the Chairs of Victorian Water Businesses outlining seven priority policy areas from the government’s water plan, Water for Victoria, against which they will report their performance. This information will help the public, government and others see how the business is making progress on measures for the seven policy areas, improving the sector as a whole for all Victorians. Following the water businesses annual reports in late 2018, this page will show how they have made improvements in these priority areas.

Climate change

Work on climate change will include minimising environmental impacts by pledging for net-zero emissions before 2050, mitigating effects of climate change such as warmer temperatures and reduced rainfall, and putting in place adaptation strategies.

1. Customer and community outcomes

All aspects of service delivery are to be customer and community centred, with a focus on engagement.

2. Delivering water for Aboriginal cultural, spiritual and economic values

Recognising and supporting Aboriginal cultural values and economic inclusion in the water sector through:

  • Generating economic opportunities through supporting access to water; and
  • Increasing Aboriginal participation in water management.

3. Supporting resilient and liveable cities and towns

Contributing to healthy communities by supporting safe, affordable high quality services and resilient environments, supporting vulnerable customers and maintaining downward pressure on prices and water bills.

4. Recognising recreational values

Supporting the wellbeing of rural and regional communities by strengthening community engagement to consider shared benefits, including recreational benefits of water.

5. Leadership and Culture

Water corporations reflecting the needs of our diverse communities by developing strategies and goals that will increase both gender diversity and Aboriginal inclusion, participation and engagement.

6. Financial sustainability

Continuing to focus on efficiency and innovation in order to improve water services delivery, while maintaining downward pressure on costs.