Turning waste into energy

Photo of a ReWaste facility.

Photo:ReWaste facility in Wollert, to the north of Melbourne. Courtesy Yarra Valley Water.

In a first for the water industry in Australia, Yarra Valley Water’s ReWaste facility is diverting 33,000 tonnes of organic waste from landfill every year and converting it into renewable energy using an anaerobic digestion process. The facility powers a neighbouring sewage treatment plant and, at full capacity, covers 25 per cent of Yarra Valley Water’s annual electricity demand. Current and planned ReWaste facilities will make a large contribution to Yarra Valley Water’s ability to generate all its own energy by 2025. The facility is located on the northern outskirts of Melbourne and became fully operational in 2017.

Victoria produces more than two million tonnes of organic waste annually. Organic waste in landfill leads to vermin, odour and broader pollution. Taking organic waste from landfill extends the lifetime of landfill sites and gives waste a useful purpose.

Page last updated: 22/01/19