Delivery is being managed by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning's (DELWP) Water and Catchments Group on behalf of the Victorian Government while the AquaSure consortium is contracted to finance, design, build, operate and maintain the project until 2039.

Since 2007 DELWP's desalination project team has managed:

  • Environmental investigations;
  • Planning and design investigations;
  • Consultation with communities and key stakeholders;
  • Land acquisition and compensation;
  • Obtaining key approvals;
  • Tendering and contract award;
  • Design and construction review;
  • Commissioning review;
  • Environmental compliance.

Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

DELWP's work has ensured the plant, pipeline, and power supply design reflects community needs, environmental management requirements, and leading global technologies, as well as contractual requirements.

DELWP is now managing the operations and maintenance phase of the 30-year contract with AquaSure and the contract with the Independent Reviewer and Environmental Auditor as well as completing land compensation under the Land Acquisition and Compensation Act 1986.


AquaSure has two major contracting entities: Thiess Degrémont Joint Venture was engaged to design and construct, and Watersure (formerly the Degrémont Thiess Services Joint Venture) to operate and maintain.


DELWP Victorian Desalination Project
(03) 9948 2800
PO Box 500 East Melbourne 8002

AquaSure Pty Ltd
1800 814 211
PO Box 7387 St Kilda Rd Melbourne 8004

For media enquiries, contact:


Tom Laurie
Communications and Stakeholder Relations Manager
+61 3 9948 2831
+61 0408 797 743

For AquaSure:

Louisa McPhee
AquaSure Communications and Stakeholder Relations Manager
03 9865 0115
+61 0425 754 804

For operations and maintenance enquiries contact:

Rosemary Swart
Watersure Community Relations Manager
+61 3 5671 9027

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