The State Government and AquaSure have jointly appointed Davis Langdon with MWH as the project's IREA.

The IREA is engaged for the design and construction phase of the project and the operation and maintenance phase.

Large-scale public-private partnership projects have traditionally had an independent reviewer to review design, construction, and safety.

On the Victorian Desalination Project, this role has been expanded to include an environmental audit function, to ensure environmental management and practices are subject to the highest level of review and surveillance.

This IREA's role includes:

  • Verifying and certifying all design documentation;
  • Reviewing project plans and the design and construction program;
  • Reviewing design and construction, and operations and maintenance;
  • Reviewing project safety;
  • Reviewing and auditing the works and project activities to ensure compliance with the project deed (including environmental requirements);
  • IREA findings are reported to the Community Liaison Group (CLG) through presentations to CLG members and meeting minutes.

IREA quarterly reports were provided to the then Minister for Environment and Climate Change during  construction phase of the project. These reports are available below:

Page last updated: 25/07/19