A consultative committee has been set up to look at mechanisms for distributing the benefits of the irrigators’ share of water recovered through Stage 1 of the GMW Connections Project. The Connections Project is a massive upgrade of irrigation infrastructure in the Goulburn-Murray Irrigation District (GMID).

Making sure irrigators get their share

The irrigators’ share is one-third of the confirmed volume of water recovered through the first stage of the Connections Project.

The volume of the irrigators’ share will be up to 75 GL, based on calculations of Long-Term Annual Average Yield.

Independent audits are completed each year to confirm how much water has been recovered.

What the Committee will do

The committee is responsible for advising on a preferred mechanism to distribute the benefits of the irrigators’ share.

The committee was convened in July 2019 and will make a recommendation to the Minister for Water by mid-2020.

The work the committee will do, and the principles that will inform its decisions, are detailed in the committee’s Terms of Reference and Principles.

Who is on the committee

Independent chair

Responsible for facilitating the meetings in line with the committee’s terms of reference

Independent expert

Responsible for providing unbiased information, analysis and advice relating to the matters discussed in the committee

Water Services Committee representatives

Responsible for representing the views and interests of irrigators from each of the six GMID gravity irrigation areas

Victorian Farmers’ Federation

Responsible for representing the views of its membership within the irrigation sector


Contributes subject-matter expertise and strategic oversight

Goulburn-Murray Water

Contributes critical knowledge of GMW’s operations

Goulburn-Murray Water

Contributes expertise on the Connections Project water recovery

Contact us

If you have any questions or would like further information, you can contact the project team:

Contact Name: Delivery Share Review team

Phone: 136186

Email: Rural.Water@delwp.vic.gov.au

GMID irrigators are encouraged to get in touch with their local Water Services Committee.

Page last updated: 19/12/19