75 Survey responses; 26 written submissions; 3 community engagement meetingsThe northern Victorian irrigation community was invited to have their say on delivery shares, following the release of the Preliminary Findings and accompanying Community Discussion Paper. People were encouraged to share their perspectives through:

  • Discussions with irrigator committees
  • Attending public meetings held in irrigation areas
  • Completing a project survey form
  • Making a written submission to the review.

The feedback provided has been captured and summarised in the Community Response Report

Download the Community Response Report (PDF, 1.1 MB)

Feedback came from a variety of stakeholders across the community. We heard from individuals, families, agricultural organisations and businesses. Most responses were from active irrigators.

The Sunraysia community provided 9 survey responses and 2 written submissions. 35 people attended a community meeting in Mildura.

The Goulburn-Murray irritation community put together 66 survey responses and 24 written submissions. Over 120 people attended community meetings in Kerang and Shepparton.

The community recognises the important role delivery shares play in providing water access rights and forming the basis for sharing infrastructure costs. There are a wide range of perspectives on how delivery shares are working and what changes should be made, including clear differences between the Sunraysia and Goulburn-Murray districts.

Sunraysia districts:

  • Overall, delivery shares have been working well and major reform is not required
  • Access to water during peak demand periods and risks of delivery shortfalls are a concern

Goulburn-Murray districts:

  • Water use and ownership have changed significantly and the infrastructure footprint needs to adjust
  • Costs and prices are a major concern, with a need for greater transparency and clarity in tariff structures and infrastructure management
  • Land use is changing, with delivery shares creating issues in property sales
  • Costs must be shared fairly across all customers to support the long-term future of irrigation
  • Recommendations must balance impacts across different customer groups

The feedback provided to the Delivery Share Review has helped to refine the design of recommended actions to improve delivery share arrangements and support broader adaptive change for northern Victoria’s irrigation districts.

Separate Outcome and Action Reports have been prepared for each irrigation region in response to feedback highlighting the differences between the Sunraysia and Goulburn-Murray districts. We developed specific outcomes and proposed actions that directly address the concerns raised by irrigators in each region.

DELWP, Lower Murray Water and Goulburn-Murray Water will work closely with the irrigation community in each region to work out how best to design and implement the actions proposed through the Review. We will make sure that changes are well-considered and developed in consultation with active irrigators to support a productive and profitable industry as irrigation districts continue to adapt to change.

Page last updated: 30/10/18