A delivery share is an entitlement to have water delivered to land in an irrigation area. It gives access to a share of the available capacity in the channel or piped network that supplies water to an irrigation property. Delivery shares provide the security of having water delivered when there is demand for water from other landholders on the channel or network. It is linked to fixed charges that must be paid regardless of water use.

We are supporting irrigation communities adjusting to changes in climate, water availability and socio-economic impacts of water recovery under the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

Delivery share review

In 2017-18, we worked with Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW) and Lower Murray Water (LMW) to complete a 12-month review into:

  • how delivery shares have been working in northern Victoria’s irrigation districts
  • options for delivery shares that provide real improvements for irrigators

21 options were assessed to identify preliminary findings for strengthening delivery share arrangements. Outcomes and actions have been put forward, building on the preliminary findings and incorporating feedback from irrigators. The ten outcomes consider the significant and continuing changes in water and land use in our irrigation districts; we recognise the differences between Sunraysia and Goulburn-Murray districts and have identified specific outcomes and actions for each region that reflect their circumstances.

Outcomes and actions reports

Reports have been prepared for each region, setting out the specific recommendations that for that region, and how they address the concerns raised by irrigators.

GMW and LMW will work closely with their customers to revise and plan how to roll out the 21 actions that support the outcomes in ways that meet customer needs. DELWP will continue to work closely with GMW and LMW and listen to irrigators as work proceeds.

Download the reports

Community response

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