A delivery share is an entitlement to have water delivered to land in an irrigation area. It gives access to a share of the available capacity in the channel or piped network that supplies water to an irrigation property. Delivery share provide the security of having water delivered when there is demand for water from other landholders on the channel or network. It is linked to fixed charges that must be paid regardless of water use.

Delivery share review

Delivery share arrangements were reviewed in 2017-18 as part of our work supporting irrigation communities adjusting to changes in climate, water availability and socio-economic impacts of water recovery under the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

We found that, although they were working as intended, there was scope to adjust and strengthen delivery share arrangements. Opportunities for change reflect the significant and continuing changes in water and land use in our irrigation districts, providing new ways for irrigators and the rural water corporations to manage shared infrastructure.

Outcomes and actions were proposed for the Sunraysia and Goulburn-Murray districts, recognising the unique circumstances of each region.

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Delivering on the Actions

We are working with LMW and GMW to put the actions in place, in consultation with the irrigation community. This makes sure that irrigators have their voices heard, community needs are understood, and the changes we are making support a productive and profitable irrigation sector.

The actions for the Goulburn Murray Irrigation District included convening a committee to look at mechanisms to distribute the irrigators’ share of benefits from water recovery through the GMW Connections Project. The Irrigators’ Share Consultative Committee has now been appointed.

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Fact Sheet – Understanding changes in the Goulburn-Murray irrigation district (PDF, 231.9 KB)

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