Water Compliance Report 2020-21: Summary

  • Victoria has a zero-tolerance approach to unauthorised take, ensuring a level playing field for all water users.
  • Victoria is committed to maintaining its strong compliance record to maintain integrity of the entitlements market and protect the environment.
  • Water corporations have greater capacity for more compliance and enforcement activities than in past years due to continued investments in metering and system monitoring technology, coupled with systems to better target risk.
  • As at 30 June 2021, water corporations have more than 68,000 meters installed, about 30,500 of which have telemetry that provide real-time intelligence on compliance. Water corporations with rural customers also conducted a total of 60,104 manual meter reads and performed 15,123 additional inspections to ensure that meters are maintained and functioning efficiently.
  • 1,193 potential breaches were reported between 1 July 2020 and 30 June 2021, 1,221 less than in the previous year. The decrease in the number of potential breaches detected can be attributed to better use of data and systems to improve efficiency and target compliance risks, and greater proactive communication with water users about compliance.
  • 1,376 enforcement actions were taken between 1 July 2020 and 30 June 2021, including 122 statutory notices, 6 restrictions of water supply of high-risk offences and 16 cases recommended for prosecution.
  • In July 2020, Victoria introduced new regulations that enable water corporations to issue penalty infringement notices for less serious offences of unauthorised take and breaches of take and use and works licences.

Page last updated: 05/11/21