What is the Sunraysia Rejuvenation Project?

The Sunraysia Rejuvenation Project is a Victorian Government initiative that:

  • Facilitates the redevelopment of dried-off properties
  • Increases the sustainability of existing properties
  • Creates opportunities for employment and business development

Sunraysia Rejuvenation Project

What assistance does the project offer landholders?

Project Director Jeff Milne can assist you with:

  • Understanding options
  • Facilitating property amalgamations
  • Organising site visits from government authorities and agencies
  • Understanding the water rules including water entitlements, annual use limit, delivery share and salinity impact zones
  • Identifying suitable soils for proposed crops
  • Determining where there is sufficient capacity in the Lower Murray Water delivery system
  • Finding out about newer crops in the region
  • Optimising property layout and irrigation design

All enquiries are confidential.

For more information contact:

Jeff Milne, Project Director

Tel: 03 5051 2003 or 0438 785 160

E: jeffrey.milne@delwp.vic.gov.au