Our policy on non-urban water metering states that where a delegate issues, renews or approves the transfer of a licence to take water in a non-urban situation, the following conditions apply:

  • All new licences where the water taken under the licence is to be used for irrigation or commercial purposes must be metered.
  • Existing licensed extraction sites must be metered if the licensed volume is:
  1. 10 megalitres or greater, for surface water; or
  2. 20 megalitres or greater, for groundwater;
  • The obligations in paragraph (a) and (b) do not apply if, in the view of the delegated authority, a meter would be impractical or can be exempted according to the following criteria:
  1. Cost of metering can be shown to significantly outweigh the benefits;
  2. Resource management objectives can still be achieved without impacting negatively on the resource, the environment or other users;
  3. An exemption exists according to the Water Act 1989.

In these cases, the delegate must:

  1. Document clearly the reasons for its view; and
  2. Identify a substitute method for estimating the volume of water taken to meet State and Federal water accounting and reporting requirements.

The above requirements do not preclude a delegate from requiring more extensive metering.

The policy document is can be found here:

Victorian Non-urban Water Metering Policy (DOCX, 182.3 KB)

Metering costs

The cost of metre installation, maintenance and metrological assurance can be substantial. Although these costs are ultimately passed on to water users, it is a business decision by water corporations as to the approach and time taken to meet these costs.

Page last updated: 08/05/19