Distributing the irrigators’ share

Who will receive a benefit?

At 12:01 am on 1 October 2021, information on delivery share ownership was taken from the Victorian Water Register. Anyone who held delivery share in any of the six areas of the GMID on this date and is charged the common infrastructure access fee is eligible to receive a share of the Connections Project’s water recovery either as water shares or financial benefit.

All eligible recipients of the irrigators’ share will also receive the financial proceeds from the sale of water allocation held by the Connections Project against the irrigators’ share, proportionate to their holdings of delivery share on census date (1 October 2021) as a bill rebate in July 2022.

The completion of the final water recovery audit for the Connections Project also enables irrigators to receive benefits arising from an additional 681.6 ML of long-term water recovery. These benefits will be provided following the completion of the distribution of the 77 GL, currently under way.

For delivery shareholders with 0.25 ML per day or more

Water shares and seasonal allocations were issued in October 2021. Water shares were distributed to nearly 7,000 delivery share holders in the Goulburn Murray Irrigation District (GMID) with 0.25 ML per day or more of delivery share.

This marked a significant milestone for the irrigators’ share distribution and the Connections Project.

At census date (1 October 2021) it was confirmed that eligible delivery share holders will receive:

Type of water shareGoulburnMurray
  Volume of water share per ML/day of delivery share Volume of water share per ML/day of delivery share
HRWS 4.00 ML 3.97 ML
LRWS 2.21 ML 2.37 ML

For more information on why the water share volumes distributed in the Murray and the Goulburn systems are slightly different, read the Fact sheet – How the irrigators’ share of water recovered through modernisation the GMID is being calculated, audited and distributed:

PDF (PDF, 603.7 KB)

Accessible version (DOCX, 514.9 KB)

If you have questions about your individual distribution, contact GMW’s dedicated irrigators’ share distribution support service at ISDProject@gmwater.com.au or call 1800 013 357.

For delivery shareholders with less than 0.25 ML per day

Goulburn Murray irrigators eligible for the distribution but who hold less than 0.25 ML per day of delivery share are set to receive their benefit as a credit on their fixed charges bill from Goulburn Murray Water in July 2022.

GMW have been issued water shares in proportion to the pooled delivery share of all recipients below the threshold level of 0.25 ML per day. This totals about 1200 ML of high reliability water shares and 690 ML of low reliability water shares. These water shares will be sold on the open market to generate the financial benefit.

If you want more information on the trading strategy that has been independently developed to guide the sale of these water shares and allocation, or want information on what to do if you’re interested in purchasing water shares or allocations, visit GMW’s website.

For more information

For more information about the Irrigators’ Share Distribution, read

Frequently asked questions (PDF, 277.6 KB)

(Accessible version) (DOCX, 328.5 KB)

For information on the ISCC, including who was on the committee, how it consulted with the community, the full recommendation report and other information on the committee’s recommendation, go to Engage Victoria - Distributing the Irrigators' Share.

The members of the ISSC continue to oversee the implementation of the irrigators share distribution, now in the form of an advisory group – Irrigators’ Share Stakeholder Advisory Group.

General information about the Connections Project, including what modernisation works have been undertaken and the steps underway to complete the water recovery, is available at the Connections Project website.

The amount of water recovered through the Connections Project is confirmed each year while works are underway through independent audits. Previous audit results are available online.

Contact us

For questions around your delivery share holdings or customer details, contact Irrigators’ Share Distribution project team at GMW.

If you have any questions or would like further information, you can contact the Irrigators’ Share Distribution project team at the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

Page last updated: 09/03/22