Distributing the irrigators’ share

The Victorian Government is continuing to support irrigators in the Goulburn Murray Irrigation District as the benefits of the Connections project continue to be realised and the irrigator’s share of the project water savings are set to become available.

The Irrigator’s Share Consultative Committee was tasked looking at the most effective way to provide the water saving from Connections to irrigators. The Committee has provided its recommendations to the Minister for Water who has accepted the recommendations

The Committee recommended that a once-off distribution to irrigators holding delivery share within the six irrigation areas of the GMID, in proportion to the amount of delivery share held. This means that everyone who contributes to the cost of operating and maintaining the infrastructure by paying the common Infrastructure Access Fee (IAF) receives the benefits of the irrigators’ share.

A key recommendation was that to make sure that all irrigators who had delivery shares received a benefit which meant some should receive water shares and others financial benefits. Irrigators who hold less than 0.25ML/day of delivery share should receive credit to their GMW bills. This threshold was put in place to provide certainty and recognise that providing small parcels of water to irrigators ceases to be cost-effective.

The Committee also recommended that irrigators who receive water shares (those who hold 0.25ML/day of delivery share or more) should – to the extent possible – be issued with shares within their trading zone so they can readily access the water they receive and to avoid the need to trade water allocations between different zones.

Timing of the distribution

Irrigators can expect the issue of water shares by the end of October 2021. When the water shares are issued, they will include water allocations from the start of the 2021/22 water year so they can plan their next irrigation season with confidence.

For those below the minimum delivery share threshold of less than 0.25 ML/day – financial benefits will be provided in early 2022 as credits on people’s Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW) bills.

Delivery share ownership information will be taken from the Victorian Water Register at a census date just before the issue date October. Delivery share data from the Water Register will be used issue the water shares and financial benefits.

What do delivery share holders need to do?

Check how much delivery share you hold to understand what you are likely to receive. You can find this information on your Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW) bill or by looking up your details on the Water Register. For assistance, contact GMW’s customer service team.

Make sure to account for the distribution of the irrigators’ share in any decisions you make around trading or terminating delivery share, and when buying or selling land in the GMID that has delivery share attached to it.

Further information

For more information about the distribution Irrigators’ Share Distribution, read the Frequently Asked Questions (DOCX, 295.4 KB).

For information on the ISCC, including who was on the committee, how it consulted with the community, the full recommendation report and other information on the committee’s recommendation, go to Engage Victoria - Distributing the Irrigators' Share.

General information about the Connections Project, including what modernisation works have been undertaken and the steps underway to complete the water recovery, is available at the Connections Project website.

The amount of water recovered through the Connections Project is confirmed each year while works are underway through independent audits. Previous audit results are available online.

You can find out how much GMID delivery share you hold by looking up your details in the water register. The register also explains how to update your information, including consolidating multiple accounts and linking your delivery share to a specific allocation account. Go to the Water Register site.

Contact us

If you have any questions or would like further information, you can contact the Irrigators’ Share Distribution project team

Page last updated: 03/12/20