The Connections Project achieved 433 gigalitres of long-term water recovery from modernising the Goulburn-Murray Irrigation District (GMID). However, there are parts of the GMID that were not modernised.

Further modernisation of GMW’s irrigation districts is underway as part of the GMW WEP to achieve an additional 15.9 gigalitres of long-term water recovery to support environmental flows.

Water recovery is verified through an independent audit undertaken in accordance with the Victorian Water Minister’s Water Savings Protocol.

The audit process and the Protocol provides confidence that water recovery is estimated correctly, which is the high standard needed for the Minister for Water to issue water entitlements. The audit process also ensures that the distribution of water recovery does not adversely impact existing water entitlement holders and the environment.

2021-22 Independent audit of long-term water recovery

An independent audit verified that the GMW WEP recovered a cumulative total of 9.045 gigalitres of long-term water recovery from irrigation modernisation works that were completed and operational by 31 August 2022.

The audit was undertaken by independent auditor Stantec (Qld) Pty Ltd.

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System and process

The auditor was satisfied that GMW has completed the works claimed in the calculations and attests that:

  • GMW WEP has accurately calculated water recovery in accordance with the Water Savings Protocol; and
  • GMW data collection processes continue to be sufficiently robust, and inputs are as accurate as could reasonably be expected for the purpose of calculating water recovery.

The auditor made one minor recommendation. It recommended that the GMW WEP consider improving the audit trail when flow records are updated in its System Planning Module (SPM).

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