The seven recommendations 5 – 11 focused on guiding the transformation process to instil strong leadership and governance, dedicated resources, robust project evaluation processes and information flows across the business. The intention behind the transformation is to produce continuing improvements to GMW’s business beyond 2020.

Implementation progress

Recommendations 5 – 11 are all complete, achieving major organisational change to support GMW’s transformation.

These actions cover short-term initiatives in planning, resourcing and implementation, as well as improvements to GMW’s business structures, governance, reporting, processes and Board processes.

Key highlights

  • Introduction of a new Leadership Team.
  • Organisational transformation achievements signal that GMW is a renewed and resilient business.
  • The process was achieved through extensive implementation planning, dedicated resources identifying champions of transformation teams among staff and establishing targeted project work.
  • Organisational transformation was encouraged and supported at all levels of the organisation.

Page last updated: 11/11/21