The community-led Bringing Water Back to Green Lake project was undertaken in 2018 to improve seepage issues that caused the lake to frequently dry out, making it unsuitable for any water use or as a tourist destination. Prior to these works, almost all water delivered into the lake through the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline system was lost through seepage. The $2 million project involved removing topsoil from the lakebed to provide access to sub-surface soils which were then compacted to form a solid, impervious clay layer at the base of the lake. This was a very welcome improvement to the lake, restoring Green Lake as a valued community retreat and important visitor destination.

The project was delivered by Grampians Wimmera Mallee Water, with support from the Department of Land, Environment, Water and Planning and Buloke Shire on behalf of the Green Lake Committee of Management.

“Green Lake is a beautiful and popular feature of Buloke Shire. It's fantastic to see water being returned to the lake to benefit the Sea Lake community and visitors.”

Member for Northern Victoria Mark Gepp

Page last updated: 19/05/23