Bridgewater Lakes is in far southwestern Victoria about 420km from Melbourne and 490km from Adelaide.

It is a sequence of freshwater lakes behind coastal sand dunes, now cut off from the sea.

Bridgewater Lakes forms part of one of the longest freshwater coastal lake systems in Victoria. The waterway is managed by DEECA. Maritime Safety Victoria coordinates waterway managers across Victoria.

Waterway recreation patterns, the diversity of pursuits and vessel technologies have developed quickly in the last decade.

Reflecting these changes, DEECA is undertaking community consultation to seek feed-back on a set of specific rules that best facilitates safe boating, including Bridgewater Lakes Aquatic Club activities, school camp activities and casual use now and into the future.

Proposed refinements to local rules, that have been in place since 2012, will ensure that a complete package of State and Local waterway rules is easily communicated, reflects community needs and addresses trends in the waterway's use.

The focus of the proposed changes is to provide a safer, and integrated set of rules supported by basic Aids to Navigation such as buoys and signs.

The proposed rules include refinements to boating speed limits, boating zones and speed-distance rules that improve the safety of swimmers, towed sports enthusiasts and boat users.

You can find more information and have your say by visiting

The consultation period will be approximately 6 weeks starting Friday 20 January and closing Friday 3 March 2023.

Page last updated: 24/01/23