The next steps will depend on the results we get from the assessment.

If the results show that long-term water availability has changed with a disproportionate impact on consumers or the environment, or waterway health has declined, we need to do something about it.

We’ll start with an open, consultative review to determine how we can address any issues identified. The review will need to consider the social, environmental and economic aspects of any potential change to policy.

If the assessment finds that there hasn’t been a reduction in available water or decline in waterway health, then a review may not be necessary and another long-term water resource assessment will take place in 15 years.

Aligning with the sustainable water strategies

Sustainable water strategies identify and manage threats to the supply and quality of the state’s water resources, and identify the potential to improve waterway health. The results of the long-term water resource assessment will feed into future sustainable water strategies and contribute to the long-term planning for water resources in the state.

Page last updated: 25/07/19