Meeting our water challenge

A drier climate, population growth and land use changes are posing threats to the Victoria’s water supplies and waterway health. This is why we keep track of our water, manage its use and how it is shared, and make plans to secure Victoria’s future supplies through sustainable water strategies and long-term water resource assessments as required by the Water Act 1989.

Animated graphic showing water uses including: water essential for human use including drinking industry and farming; water essential for environmental use including to keep our waterways healthy for us and for native flora and fauna; and water essential for recreation and traditional owner values.

Sustainable water strategies

Sustainable water strategies identify and manage threats to the supply and the quality of a region’s water resources and identify ways to improve waterway health.

Previous strategies helped reduce demand for water, secure water supplies and protect waterways and aquifers.

Long-term water resource assessment

Long-term water resource assessments (LTWRAs) determine if water availability has changed for farming, cities, towns and the environment. They also help determine if there have been changes in waterway health.

The LTWRA for southern Victorian is now complete. The findings of these assessments feed into future water planning, through sustainable water strategies. Read the LTWRA reports.

Page last updated: 14/11/22