The third round (“tranche”) of the Environmental Contribution (EC3) was established in June 2012 and ceased on 30 June 2016, generating $405.3 million.

Most initiatives allocated funding under the third tranche have now been completed.

The third tranche of the EC funded $11.920 million of project expenditure in 2018-19. This brings total EC3 expenditure as at 30 June 2019 to $401.392 million, with $7.533 million remaining to be spent.

Ongoing EC3 funded initiatives

The 2016-17 state budget allocated all remaining third tranche funding to several new projects, to be delivered up until 2019-20. Reports detailing expenditure and progress on these initiatives are available below. These will be updated annually until projects are completed.

Ongoing EC3 funded initiatives

Completed EC3 initiatives

Reports on expenditure and achievements of all completed EC3 funded initiatives are available below.

Page last updated: 26/11/20