Victoria's Contribution to the MDBA Joint Programs

This initiative helps Victoria meet its full contribution to the MDBA Joint Programs as part of its obligations under the Murray-Darling Basin Agreement. The annual cost of delivering these programs is funded on a shared basis by the Victorian, New South Wales, South Australian, Queensland, Australian Capital Territory and Australian governments.

EC4 Expenditure to date

Victoria's contribution to the MDBA Joint Programs - $6,885,000 $6,328,000 -


The Murray-Darling Basin Agreement 2008 enables Basin governments, through the Murray-Darling Basin Ministerial Council, to collectively authorise policy and program activity of shared benefit in managing the shared water resources of the Murray-Darling Basin. Through the Joint Programs, Basin Governments work together to promote the sustainable management of water and reduce water-related environmental impacts.

Funding through this initiative is contributing to delivery of the Joint Programs, which includes:

  • River Murray asset management and operations
  • The Living Murray Initiative
  • the Basin Salinity Management Strategy
  • Water resource modelling
  • River Murray water quality monitoring
  • Interstate water trade reconciliation
  • MDBA Secretariat Services
  • A number of monitoring and evaluation, pest fish management and river restoration programs

More information on outcomes from the Joint Programs is available in the Murray-Darling Basin Authority annual reports.

Page last updated: 27/11/20