Non-potable Irrigation Water for Melbourne Gardens

This initiative funded the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria to design and deliver an innovative irrigation solution for the Melbourne Gardens to eliminate the need to use valuable drinking water, saving 100 megalitres of potable water per year.

The initiative was a proposed partnership with Parks Victoria and industry, with RBGV having secured the transfer of AMCOR’s Yarra River water rights from the former Fairfield Paper Mill. Total project works were projected to include detailed designs and the establishment of a pipe network to extract water from Parks Victoria’s Burnley Harbour site for provision, via a new pipeline, to the Melbourne Gardens.

EC4 Expenditure to date

Non-potable irrigation water for Melbourne Gardens - $156,632 $223,000 ($999,000) (a)

a. Represents funds returned from the unfeasible Environmental Contribution Tranche 4 funds project (Non potable water for Melbourne Gardens), subsequently reallocated to Integrated Water Management (IWM) projects to be delivered in 2020-21.


A review of the scheme and key risks was undertaken. Two different options were investigated to implement the initiative. A feasibility study of these options determined that the initiative should not progress beyond planning phase. The funding was returned and subsequently reallocated to an alternative integrated water management projects for expenditure in 2020-21 year to deliver water efficiency benefits for public good. Expenditure of this project will be reported separately.

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