Since the conclusion of the tranche on 30 June 2020, a comprehensive evaluation has been undertaken to assess the impact and effectiveness of EC4 investments. The report, which can be downloaded in full below, concluded that:

  • Victorians can be confident that EC investment is providing greater protection of their catchments and waterways, with significant progress made in improving waterway and catchment health.
  • Victorians can be assured that water is being shared more equitably and efficiently due to strengthening of the bulk water sharing framework, development of a modern compliance regime and increased transparency in the water market.
  • The water sector is better equipped to manage risks to water services and Victorian communities through improved preparedness to respond to emergency events such as floods, fire, and blue-green algae outbreaks.
  • Enhanced understanding and expansion of Victoria’s water grid has improved security of water supply for many Victorians.
  • Irrigated agriculture is using water more sustainably while remaining a major contributor to the Victorian economy, through improved water delivery and more efficient on-farm use of scarce water resources.
  • More, and a greater diversity of, Victorians than ever understand the values associated with water and are having a say in where our water goes and what it is used for, including increased consideration of the needs of recreational water users.
  • There is greater inclusion of Aboriginal values and participation of Traditional Owners in the planning, management and delivery of water.
  • Investments in improved urban planning and coordination have laid the foundations for improved water management for future urban development.
  • The water sector is better prepared to manage the impacts of climate change, with EC investment ensuring the best available science is factored into water resource planning, better understanding risks and increasing resilience in the face of a hotter, drier future with an increasing population.

In general, the evaluation report found that the suite of EC4 investments were appropriate and well aligned with the legislated objectives of the EC, attributing this to:

  1. strong governance arrangements for the selection and performance monitoring of EC funded investments; and
  2. clear policy direction as a result of the development and release of Water for Victoria in October 2016.

The evaluation report concluded that EC4 has made significant progress towards meeting the objectives of Water for Victoria [link to WfV page] and that the EC continues to be a much-needed funding source for driving water policy reform in Victoria in the face of existing and emerging pressures and challenges.

More information on the achievements of individual EC4 funded initiatives is available on the EC4 page .

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