In 2016, the Victorian Government committed to a fourth tranche of the environmental contribution (EC4). The fourth tranche, which commenced on 1 July 2016, is expected to raise $537.1 million over four years to fund delivery of the Government’s long term water plan, Water for Victoria.

The table below displays all project expenditure funded by the fourth tranche of the environmental contribution in 2016-17, with $98.17 million spent in the first year of the tranche.  

More information is available in the Water for Victoria Progress Report on Implementation.

EC4: 2016-17 Project Expenditure

Integrated Catchment Management and Partnerships with the Community

$5.80 million

This initiative is delivering actions under Chapter 3 of Water for Victoria, implementing the Our Catchments, Our Communities strategy and strengthening CMAs to lead integrated catchment management (ICM) in partnership with the community.

Enhancing Waterway Management for Recreational Values

$1.11 million

This initiative is enhancing recreational use of Victoria’s waterways and water storages, implementing Chapter 7 of Water for Victoria. It will provide better information to the community, deliver better management approaches to achieve recreational and social objectives, and enhance the water sector’s capacity to provide services that support these objectives.

Flood and emergency risk resilience

$0.83 million

This initiative will contribute to delivery of action 10.12 in Chapter 10 of Water for Victoria by guiding Victoria’s transition to a new community-centred approach to decision making and governance for flood mitigation and drainage infrastructure. It will also deliver the second tranche of the Government’s flood mitigation measures following the 2010-11 and 2012 floods.

Improving the health of waterways in regional Victoria

$47.22 million

This initiative is implementing actions under Chapter 3 of Water for Victoria to improve the health of Victoria’s waterways. It will deliver physical on ground environmental works, community and Traditional Owner engagement, environmental water management, monitoring and demonstrating outcomes, large-scale restoration projects, and water statutory functions.

Improving Victoria's preparedness and response to climate change and the impacts of drought

$2.23 million

This initiative is taking action to mitigate climate change and provide policy direction, tools and support for water resource managers and users to adapt to changing conditions.

The initiative supports implementation of Chapter 2 of Water for Victoria, by establishing a knowledge hub for climate science and water resource research, and implementing a process to reduce emissions in the water sector. It also funds delivery of action 4.9 in Chapter 4 by implementing measures to improve water security in drought-prone regions of Victoria; and contributes to delivery of actions in Chapter 8 to improve state-wide water resource planning

Realising the Potential of the Water Grid

$4.37 million

This initiative is delivering on commitments in Chapter 9 of Water for Victoria for the management and enhancement of Victoria’s water markets and grid. This includes development of a water grid oversight function and planning for future water grid augmentations.

Sustainable Irrigation Future Initiative

$14.36 million

This initiative is informing and supporting Victoria’s sustainable irrigation industry, delivering actions under Chapter 4 of Water for Victoria. It will help improve water use efficiency, manage and reduce adverse impacts of irrigation, facilitate appropriate irrigation development and support irrigation modernisation projects.

Transforming cities and towns through efficient, integrated water management

$6.25 million

This initiative is delivering government commitments in Chapter 5 of Water for Victoria. It will deliver public value outcomes including improved water security, water quality improvements, flood risk reduction, greener and cooler public spaces through drought, enhanced urban waterways and job creation.

Water for Aboriginal Culture

$0.25 million

This initiative is implementing Chapter 6 of Water for Victoria, building our understanding of Aboriginal water values, uses, and objectives for water resource management. It will build capacity for ongoing Aboriginal involvement in water resource planning, enabling collaboration and improving government’s understanding of mechanisms for incorporating Aboriginal values and knowledge into planning and management frameworks.

Regional Water Infrastructure - Irrigation

$7.01 million

This initiative is delivering action 4.2 in Chapter 4 of Water for Victoria. Investment will support regional industries and communities to implement works to enhance the state’s water grid, enabling more sustainable and productive use of water, driving regional economic development and meeting the challenges of drought and climate change.

Water information for sustainable water management

$12.08 million

This initiative is supporting delivery of actions 8.10 and 8.11 in Chapter 8 of Water for Victoria by improving water resource information to support planning and decision-making, and improving public reporting of water availability and use. It is also delivering on action 3.2 in Chapter 3 by improving planning arrangements for waterways through a new State Environment Protection Policy (Waters).