DELWP is responsible for the stewardship of Victoria’s scarce water resources which it achieves, in part, through the oversight and management of water entitlements and the water market. The Victorian Water Register (VWR) is a critical enabler through the provision of a public register of all water related entitlements in Victoria. Its purpose is to record water entitlements with integrity, and provide the information required to effectively manage Victoria’s water resources.

The VWR 10-Year Strategy identifies partners and beneficiaries of the VWR as its key stakeholders. These stakeholders use and interact with the VWR, who each perform different roles in the market and have varying needs and expectations. Importantly, these needs and expectations are also evolving over time due to changes in the water market, such as the need to adapt to external factors such as population growth and climate change. These expectations are likely to increase in times of water scarcity; stakeholders will be particularly watchful for errors or omissions so the ongoing availability and integrity of the VWR is essential.

This initiative will fund ongoing operation of the VWR to deliver action 9.4 of Water for Victoria.

EC5 Expenditure to date

Program Title (EC5)

2020-21 Expenditure $’000

Sustaining a Resilient and Secure Water Register for Victoria


Summary of progress in Year 1 of EC5

During Year 1 the following milestones have commenced, been completed or are ongoing:

  • Continued operating and supporting the VWR, enabling customers and users to apply for licenses, change ownership of water shares and water allocations and manage their water usage.
  • Changed the VWR so it can distribute 77GL of water to irrigators. This water has become available as a result of completing the water savings program in northern Victoria.
  • Built new features in the Water Market Watch mobile app that will help keep customers informed about water market activity and VWR services.
  • Designed business services that make it easier for the community to use the VWR to meet their needs. The business service groups are, Water Allocation, Water Entitlement, Water Use (other water related), Property and Land Transfer, Resource Water Accounting, Compliance, Information and Reporting, Customer Services and Business Support.
  • To share risk associated with building a new VWR  activities relating to procurement have commenced to engage an Implementation Partner is in progress.
  • Developed a plan (architecture) to strengthen cyber security.

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