Investing in the health of our rivers and waterways is particularly important to the economic, social, and environmental future of our region.

The Strategy will return water to the environment in major rivers across the region over the next 10 years. This will occur without taking water away from other uses.

Environmental water recovery targets have been developed to meet critical outcomes over the next decade.  These include supporting native species, such as fish and platypus, and helping sustain river flows during summer.

The Strategy will also put in place a suite of complementary remediation works or infrastructure, such as fishways. The aim is to boost waterway health and achieve the best environmental outcomes from the water available.

Commitments for progression include:

  • an ambitious target of returning almost 100 gigalitres of water to major rivers across the region by 2032
  • undertaking a suite of complementary remediation works and infrastructure to improve environmental outcomes
  • protecting water quality in our waterways and bays by managing nutrient loads

River and river banks

Page last updated: 05/09/22