This initiative provided $3 million funding for the purchase of eight gigalitres of environmental water for the Thomson River to meet identified priority needs.

Total EC3 investment: $3.0 m

2016-17 expenditure: $3.0 m


Under this initiative, the government delivered on its commitment to provide an additional eight gigalitres of water for the environment in the Thomson River, to improve the health of the heritage listed river and surrounding local communities.

Environmental water in the Thomson system is held in Thomson Reservoir. The new environmental entitlement in the Thomson system will provide an additional 3.9 percent of Thomson Reservoir inflows per year and will become available for the first time in 2017–18. This extra environmental water will help meet more of the environmental flow objectives for the Thomson River and will provide benefits to native fish including Australian grayling, tupong and Australian bass.

Page last updated: 24/05/19