This initiative will restore key components of the Yarrowee River as a first step to returning the health of this urban waterway, providing the local community of Ballarat with increased scope for recreational, social, environmental and sporting activities.

Total EC3 investment: $1.0 m

2013-14 expenditure: $0.3 m 
2014-15 expenditure: $0.5 m 
2015-16 expenditure: $0.2 m


This project has been completed successfully, and delivered significant waterway improvement works and community benefits in the target areas of the Yarrowee River. Corangamite Catchment Management Authority managed the initiative, which aligned with their regional Waterway Strategy (see Table 5.13 on page 90). Major partners were the City of Ballarat and Leigh Catchment Group. The project commenced in 2013 after extensive planning and community engagement, and involved a series of on-ground actions.

Works successfully delivered include:

  • sections of walking track and visitor car parking completed.
  • artificial ponds established for Brown Hill Wetland, along with visitor facility access bridge and board walk. This facility will provide better access and greater recreational opportunities for local residents utilising the ponds and this stretch of the river.
  • construction of a gross pollutant litter trap (which collects hard rubbish from the urban areas of Ballarat) where Redan Creek  flows into the Yarrowee River at Bala Street.
  • a retaining wall to manage bank erosion and protect path access.
  • removal of significant areas of weed infestation, including willows, blackberries and hawthorn, to provide greater access for the public, while also improving the amenity of the area.
  • multiple community field days and events that included rubbish clean-up, weeding and general maintenance, walk and talk information sessions, and community revegetation activities. A wide range of community members have been involved including local residents, environmental groups and school groups.

Community support for the project has been strong, with the project stimulating interest in the benefits of improving the Yarrowee corridor for multiple user groups.

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