This initiative delivered a program of dredging of 600 millimetres of silt (approximately 2,700 cubic metres) from the bed of Kananook Creek to enable the return of watercraft in the lower section of the creek. 

Total EC3 investment: $2.5 m

2013-14 expenditure: $2.5 m


The de-silting of Kananook Creek was undertaken by South East Water, with works commencing in September 2013 and completed in November 2013.

De-silting operations resulted in the removal of 2730 cubic metres of class C classified sediment to a licensed landfill in Bacchus Marsh. Of this material, 1335 cubic meters, or 49 per cent, was removed from the stretch adjacent to the Frankston Boat Ramp and extending to the Davey Street Bridge. The remaining 1335 cubic metres was removed from the stretches between the Davey Street Bridge and the Wells Street Bridge intersected by the Playne Street Footbridge.

South East Water has produced a fact sheet explaining the project. This information is available on the South East Water website.

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