The third round (“tranche”) of the Environmental Contribution (EC3) was established in June 2012 and ceased on 30 June 2016, generating $405.3 million.

The table below displays expenditure across each year of the tranche, with 2015-16 project expenditure bringing the total EC3 expenditure as at 30 June 2016 to $327.9 million.

The remaining funds collected through EC3 have now been committed to projects to be delivered from 2016-17 to 2018-19. This includes new projects announced in the 2016-17 state budget as well as the completion of existing projects.

EC3 Current and Projected Expenditure$ million
12-13 expenditure29.6
13-14 expenditure68.6
14-15 expenditure99.8
15-16 expenditure129.8
Total EC3 expenditure as at 30 June 2016327.9
Funding committed to projects from 16-17 to 18-1977.6
TOTAL projected EC3 expenditure405.5

EC3 initiative progress reports

Reports on progress and achievements of all EC3 funded initiatives to date are available below. While collection of funds for EC3 has ceased, a number of projects will continue to be delivered until 2018-19.  Expenditure and progress reports for ongoing initiatives will continue to be reported on this website and in the DELWP annual report.

Water Planning

Coordination of Murray-Darling Basin Plan activities within the department

Managing risks to water availability

Water Law Review

Climate Change Action Package

Irrigation Modernisation and Water Recovery

Goulburn-Murray Water Connections Program project management

Improved integrity in water savings assessment and management

Linking Farms and Catchments to Modernisation 2 (Whole farm planning in the Goulburn-Murray Irrigation District)

Macalister Irrigation District 2030

Environmental Water Management and Planning

Implementing environmental water charges

Management of environmental entitlements and on-ground delivery

Murray-Darling Basin Authority

Waterway Health

Breathing life back into the Yarrowee River

Catchment Management Authority water statutory functions

Demonstrating waterway health outcomes

Securing Priority Waterways: Regional on-ground works

Sustainable Water Management - Healthy Waterways

Sustainable Water Management - Gippsland Lakes

Sustainable Water Management - Riparian Land

Yarra River Protection

On-farm Irrigation

Rural water management

Sustainable Irrigated Agriculture Program

Sustainable Water Management - Investment in irrigation

Water Entitlements and Market Reform

Enhancing the Victorian Water Register

Water user entitlement refinement and market development

Urban Water

Flood resilient communities and catchments

Implementing the Government's commitments to flood inquiries

Resilient and liveable cities and towns

Water Information

Basin Plan modelling

Improving modelling for water resource management and transitioning to the National Hydrologic Platform

Integrated water analysis and reporting

Simplifying the Bulk Water Entitlements Framework

Surface water monitoring and data management


Maintaining capability in groundwater management

Groundwater monitoring of the State Observation Bore Network

Groundwater bores

Managing groundwater risks from Bendigo mines

Reports are also available on the following EC3 initiatives completed in 2013-14:

Kananook Creek

Mordialloc Creek dredging