Water wasn’t getting to where it’s needed

The Basin has undergone substantial changes over time with the growth of populations, agriculture, industries, cities and towns.

The changes in land use and flow regimes to meet the needs of Basin communities means that many floodplains and wetlands no longer flood naturally.

Natural flooding patterns can often be restored to fringing wetlands along the river and low-lying floodplain, but it is not possible to reinstate flooding to higher parts of the floodplain. This would require large volumes of water and could cause flooding that damages private land and public infrastructure, such as bridges and roads.

Environmental works can help

We can deliver water to high value sites using environmental works, including those higher up on the floodplain. This means that ecological outcomes can be achieved with much smaller volumes of water than would be required to create a natural flood.

Environmental works include channels, flow regulators and pumps to enable more efficient use of water. For example, water can be pumped directly into a wetland and regulators can be used to hold retain water for long enough to meet the needs of water dependent plants and animals.

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Page last updated: 29/07/19