A recent cold-snap is helping disperse blue-green algae, with the entire Gippsland Lakes system and the ocean now deemed safe for contact with water but some seafood restrictions remain

Incident Controller Andy Gillham said while all areas are now safe for contact with water, there are still restrictions on seafood consumption.

“The colder weather we are experiencing is helping to disperse the algae, however, the current seafood advice remains in place for all of the Gippsland Lakes and in the ocean.”

The current seafood advice is do not eat shellfish such as mussels, crabs or prawns from anywhere in the Gippsland Lakes or the ocean from McLoughlins Beach through to Marlo.

"Fish caught from anywhere in the Gippsland Lakes or the ocean should be gutted, gilled and

washed thoroughly in fresh water prior to cooking, with the guts and gills discarded,” Mr Gillham said.

Signage regarding contact with water is currently being removed, however seafood consumption advisory signage will remain in place.

"We are urging people to continue to take note of signage in place at boat ramps, jetties and fishing spots, and check the VicEmergency app for the latest information."

Blue-green algae has been present in the Gippsland Lakes system since February this year. “We’re pleased to advise the Gippsland Lakes are now safe for a range of recreational activities, and we would like to thank the local community and visitors for helping to ensure everyone stayed safe during this latest algal bloom.”

For more information, please visit Blue-green Algae or contact the DELWP Customer Service Centre on 136 186.