The Water Resource Strategy Division is excited to announce that the 2019–20 Victorian Water Accounts (VWA) have been released.

The 2019-20 VWA report can be downloaded from the Victorian Water Register website and is accompanied by the Highlights and the Online Water Accounts.

The Highlights explain Victoria’s water entitlement and management frameworks, provide a high-level summary of water availability and use for the water year and illustrate water trends over time.

The Online Water Accounts provides detailed information on surface water and distribution systems in an interactive way. Users can follow water from its source through to where it is used by customers. The 2019–20 and 2018–19 reports will both be available, along with a summary of groundwater use and availability for 2019–20.

As more VWA reports are produced, more features and content will be moved online. Our long-term vision is to work with users to understand expectations and gain feedback to refine and expand the relevance and use of the VWA. Please let the water reporting team know if you have any suggestions.

You can explore these and more reporting resources via

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