The Native Fish Report Card (NFRC) website has been recently updated with 2019 results. The NFRC Program is a partnership between DELWP, the Victorian Fisheries Authority (VFA) and Recreational Fishing License Holders (through Recreational Fishing License Trust Recreational Fishing Grants Program).

Targeted recreational and threatened non-recreational species are being monitored at 10 priority rivers across Victoria. Some of the highlights include:

  • Murray cod in the Lindsay Mullaroo system continue to recover from the 2016 blackwater event.
  • Multiple size classes of Trout Cod found in the Goulburn and Ovens Rivers, including mature and young-of-year fish, suggesting conditions are supporting this species throughout its life-cycle.
  • Four Cox’s gudgeon were captured from the Mitchell River - the first confirmed records of this species in this catchment since 1982 (32 years).
  • Australian grayling were detected in the Glenelg River in 2019 – only the second confirmed record of this species from this river (the first in 122 years).

The program provides important information to waterway managers, anglers and the community about the state of Victoria’s native fish. As monitoring at these rivers continue in the coming years, we’ll be able to better understand changes in Victoria’s fish populations.

Fishers, citizen scientists and community members alike can access in-the-know information through the website so they can stay updated about the state of native fish in Victorian rivers.