The videos cover a range of topics for northern Victorians.

Murray Dairy, Goulburn-Murray Water and DELWP have teamed up to produce a series of short YouTube videos to run though the fundamentals of water management and the water market in northern Victoria. The videos are fact-checked reference guide to understanding water shares, allocation and carryover, along with the different rules that govern water trade, among other topics.

There is also a carryover calculator to allow people the chance to know their options with water management in a simple and straightforward calculation.

The first intro video can be watched below and visit Dairy Australia or Murray Dairy's YouTube page to view the rest.

These videos are aimed at northern Victorian dairy farmers, but they could be helpful to anyone wanting to learn about water entitlements and the water market works in the region. They only relate to the northern Victorian unregulated water systems like the Murray and Goulburn (different water systems like groundwater have different rules).