DELWP/EPA is set to begin a series of face-to-face consultations seeking public input into the future management of our water environments.

The Victorian Government has released for public consultation a new draft State Environment Protection Policy (Waters) for the protection and management of water quality in Victoria.

SEPPs are statutory instruments established under the Environment Protection Act 1970 and set in law community expectations, needs and priorities for protecting and sustainability using Victoria’s water environments.

The new SEPP provides a simple, more streamlined policy that reflects community values, applies updated science, better clarifies industry obligations, and provides for greater accountability.

SEPP (Waters), when finalised, will replace our existing SEPPs for water, and for the first time, will cover surface waters, estuarine and marine waters, and groundwaters in a single statutory policy across Victoria.

Submissions on the draft SEPP (Waters) are open until 19 June.

As part of our recognition of the importance of community input we encourage you to drop-in and share your thoughts with us during the consultation phase.

Members of the public are encouraged to attend one of the following consultation sessions:

Mildura Tuesday 27 March - 1pm to 6pm

  • Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR)
  • Acacia conference room, corner of Eleventh Street and Koorlong Avenue, Irymple (GP+ and OH*)

Benalla Thursday 12 April - 2pm to 5pm

  • DELWP -  Room 02 89 Sydney Road, Benalla (OH*)

Melbourne Tuesday 17 April – Industry Session: 2.30pm-5pm. Community Session: 6pm-8pm.

  • William Angliss Conference Centre, Building A, Level 5. 555 LaTrobe Street, Melbourne.

Camperdown Thursday 19th April – 1pm to 5pm

  • Sinnotts Accounting conference room - 19 Pike Street, Camperdown (GP+ & OH*)

Ballarat Thursday 26 April 1pm to 5pm

  • DELWP offices - Room 1 402 Mair Street, Ballarat (GP+ & OH*)

Bendigo Thursday 26 April 1pm to 5pm

  • EPA conference room, 47-51 Queen Street, Bendigo (GP+ & OH*)

Horsham Thursday 3rd May 10am to 2pm

  • DEDJTR office Buloke Room 110 Natimuk Road, Horsham (GP+ & OH*)

Geelong - Thursday 17 May 1pm to 5pm

  • State Government Offices Level 4 Room 6 Barwon room
  • 30-38 Little Malop Street (corner pf Little Malop and Fenwick Streets), Geelong (GP+ & OH*)

Traralgon - Thursday 24 May. Industry Session: 2.30pm-3.30pm. Community Session: 3.30pm to 5pm.  

  • West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority boardroom
  • 16 Hotham Street, Traralgon (OH*)

* These sessions have been designed as Open House (OH) to enable you to drop-in and discuss the draft SEPP (Waters) and/or your submission.

+ A general presentation (GP) will be provided during the first hour of the session where indicated.