A number of landholders in the Mallee region will no longer be charged the 50 cents per megalitre salinity levy, following its abolition as part of the Government delivering on a commitment in Water for Victoria.

The abolition of the levy will save an average of $200 per year from 1 July in recognition of the investment and effort of irrigators in the Mallee region to improve and adopt best irrigation practices since the fee was introduced.

The levy has been in place since 1993 and was introduced to improve irrigation management and reduce the impact of salinity on the environment. Its removal reflects the success of investments made by the Government in on-farm improvements in the region. With the help of incentives from the levy, over 95 per cent of farmers are now using efficient, pressurised irrigation systems and understand how to effectively meet the water needs of their crops. More than 200 properties participated in the incentive program funded by the levy in the last 20 years.

The current framework will continue to support salinity management in the Mallee, which includes the salinity impact zoning system and fees that offset salinity impacts on the Murray River from new irrigation developments.

This delivers on Water for Victoria Action 4.8: Improve salinity management in the Mallee.

Arial view of Mallee region