The Regional Riparian Action Plan, affectionately termed “the RRAP”, protects and improves land next to rivers (also known as riparian land) to improve the health of our vital waterway and catchment environments.

In just three years the RRAP has all but hit its 5-year targets. See these achievements in this video here.

The RRAP has made some significant improvements. Since 2015, the RRAP has protected or improved nearly 2,300 kilometres of riparian land, that’s 92% of the 5-year target and almost the distance from Melbourne to Cairns.

And it’s protected or improved 33,000 hectares of riparian land, that's already overshot the 5-year target and more than three times the size of Phillip Island.

Catchment management authorities have worked with over 1000 landholders and about 200 groups including Traditional Owners, Landcare, schools, local angling clubs and other community groups to achieve these outcomes.

And the investment has supported more than 100 jobs for regional Victorians and had a flow-on economic benefit for local businesses such as fencing contractors and nurseries.

Works include installing new fences to manage stock, delivering revegetation programs, undertaking weed management and building new stock watering systems.

The initiative is part of the Victorian Government’s $222 million investment over four years to improve the health of waterways and catchment in regional Victoria and contributes to Water for Victoria Action 3.4 "Provide long-term investment to improve waterway health".

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