Finalising water resource plans

Progress on actions to September 2019.

Actions 4.1: Submit individual water resource plans (WRPs) for Commonwealth accreditation in accordance with the agreed timeline published by the MDBA


Victoria has five water resource plan areas – three surface water and two groundwater. These are:

  • Victorian Murray water resource plan area (SW2)
  • Wimmera-Mallee (groundwater) water resource plan area (GW3)
  • Northern Victoria water resource plan area (SW3).
  • Goulburn–Murray water resource plan area (GW2).
  • Wimmera–Mallee (surface water) water resource plan area (SW4).

The Wimmera-Mallee Water Resource Plan (for SW4 and GW3) was submitted to MDBA for formal assessment on 22 February 2019.

Victoria's North and Murray Water Resource Plan (for Sw2, SW3 and GW2) was submitted to the MDBA for formal assessment on 30 April 2019.

Both water resource plans are on track to be accredited in 2019.

Action 4.2: Where necessary, Basin state and the MDBA will increase resourcing for WRP development


Victoria increased resourcing of its Water Resource Plan team to support the development of WRPs. The WRPs have been drafted and submitted to the MDBA for assessment and Commonwealth accreditation.

Action 4.3: MDBA will publish quarterly reports on the progress of Basin States and the MDBA with WRP accreditation

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