Bushfires, floods, storms and other hazards can have significant impacts on communities, the economy, our environment and essential services, including water and wastewater services.

The EMMV nominates DELWP as the Control Agency for a range of emergencies including the disruption to water and wastewater services and for the safety of dams in Victoria.

In order to meet its obligations under the EMMV, DELWP has developed a suite of emergency management documents to help mitigate the impact of these events.

See Dam safety management.

Water Security and Continuity Network (Water SCN)

DELWP works with support agencies and relevant organisations in managing such incidents. In particular, DELWP works in close partnership with water corporations to maintain public safety and the continuity of supply of essential water and wastewater services.

The Water SCN provides an "all hazards" planning forum for water corporations and DELWP to share ideas, identify emerging issues and agree on improved practices.

For more information, see the Water SCN terms of reference:

Terms of reference – Water SCN (PDF, 34.1 KB)
Terms of reference – Water SCN (accessible) (DOC, 36.5 KB)

Emergency Notification and Response Protocol between the Department of Environment and Primary Industries and Victorian Water Corporations

EMMV assigns roles to emergency service organisations and other agencies for types of incidents, including water, wastewater and dam safety.

Within the EMMV, the DELWP is identified as the control agency for water, wastewater and dam related emergencies .

Disruptions of varying magnitude to water supplies and sewerage services can occur in any modern well developed systems .

To minimise the risks, manage the consequence of, or threat from these events it is appropriate to have a well-practiced set of emergency response arrangements.

This Emergency Notification and Response Protocol between the DELWP and Victorian Water Corporations is part of those broader emergency management response arrangements within the DELWP and the water sector.

Water, wastewater and dam safety incidents (PDF, 612.1 KB)
Water, wastewater and dam safety incidents (accessible) (PDF, 612.1 KB)

The protocol provides an agreed set of response arrangements between Victorian Water Corporations and DELWP for a water, sewerage or a dam safety incident.

The objective of these arrangements is to reduce the impact and consequence of the emergency on people, communities, industry, the economy and the environment.

These arrangements are consistent with State arrangements and other support agencies as outlined in the State Emergency Response Plan contained in the EMMV.

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