Water corporationDamDescriptionExpenditure (AU$M)Year completed
Barwon WaterAireys Inlet WWTP LagoonsSouthern drain upgrade (upgrade of catchment drain)   2011
Barwon WaterAllen Reservoir Construction of secondary spillway   2003
Barwon WaterAllen Reservoir     Raising of spillway walls  2006
Barwon WaterLovely Banks No.3 BasinLining of outlet pipe work 1995
Barwon WaterMarengo BasinEmbankment drainage works 2003
Barwon WaterMontpellier No. 2 BasinEmbankment upgrade and covering and lining 2005
Barwon WaterMontpellier No. 2 BasinReplacement of outlet pipe work 2008
Barwon WaterOlangolah ReservoirEmbankment and spillway upgrade$0.902008
Barwon WaterPainkalac ReservoirReplacement of outlet conduit supports$0.042005
Barwon WaterPainkalac ReservoirEmbankment and spillway upgrade$5.002011
Barwon WaterUpper Stony Creek No. 1 ReservoirInstallation of piezometers and assessment of embankment materials$0.102004
Barwon WaterUpper Stony Creek No. 1 ReservoirCrest reinstatement works 1996
Barwon WaterUpper Stony Creek No. 1 ReservoirRemoval of tower 2000
Barwon WaterUpper Stony Creek No. 1 ReservoirReduction in maximum operating level 2001
Barwon WaterUpper Stony Creek No. 2 ReservoirNorthern embankment toe drain and southern embankment upgrade$0.702003
Barwon WaterWest Gellibrand ReservoirStrengthening of outlet tower$0.602005
Barwon WaterWest Gellibrand ReservoirInstallation of sliding walkway$0.102007
Central-Highlands WaterBullartoAlt temp outlet$0.102007
Central-Highlands WaterBullartoRemediate embankment$1.502011
Central-Highlands WaterCosgraveSpillway works$0.202001
Central-Highlands WaterGong GongEmbankment works$1.502012
Central-Highlands WaterHepburnSpillway augmentation$0.102007
Central-Highlands WaterKirksFlood management works$0.302004
Central-Highlands WaterMooraboolSpillway/Outlet works$8.002006
Central-Highlands WaterMusical GullyEmbankment and spillway upgrade works$1.502014
Central-Highlands WaterPincottsEmbankment works$0.202004
Central-Highlands WaterWhite SwanOutlet works$0.202012
Coliban WaterBarkers Creek ReservoirOutlet works$1.102003
Coliban WaterBarkers Creek ReservoirSpillway upgrade$3.102006
Coliban WaterCaledonia ReservoirEmbankment filters, outlet and spillway works$2.702005
Coliban WaterFernhill No. 1 ReservoirPermanent lowering$0.012000
Coliban WaterFernhill No. 1 ReservoirSpillway lowering$0.012014
Coliban WaterFernhill No. 2 ReservoirPermanent lowering$0.012000
Coliban WaterLauriston Reservoir DamAutomation of spillway gate lifting gear$0.302008
Coliban WaterMalmsbury ReservoirAutomation/replacement of spillway gate lifting equipment$0.402009
Coliban WaterSpring Gully ReservoirEmbankment filters, outlet and spillway works$4.902003
Coliban WaterTrentham No. 1 ReservoirInterim lowering 2000
Coliban WaterTrentham No. 1 ReservoirEmbankment filters, outlet and spillway works$2.802005
Coliban WaterTrentham No. 2 ReservoirEmbankment filters, outlet and spillway works$2.102005
East Gippsland WaterNicholson DamReduction in operating level$0.002011
East Gippsland WaterWy Yung No. 2Reduction in operating level$0.002010
Goulburn Murray WaterBuffaloReconstruction of upper embankment filters and placement of supporting rockfill, construction of  flood surcharge parapet wall and spillway works$5.302003
Goulburn Murray WaterCairn CurranInstallation of filters and supporting rockfill on  embankments, minor improvements to spillway and outlet works$10.002007
Goulburn Murray WaterCairn CurranInstallation of filters and supporting rockfill on  embankments, minor improvements to spillway and outlet works$4.002002
Goulburn Murray WaterEildonInstallation of filters and supporting rockfill on embankments raising of embankment for flood surcharge, construction of flood surcharge parapet wall, strengthen toe of spillway and upgrade spillway operating gear.$46.502005
Goulburn Murray WaterEppalockReconstruction of upper embankment filters and supporting rockfill and replacement of butterfly valve at toe of dam$7.601999
Goulburn Murray WaterEppalockConstruction of supporting low level upstream buttress$0.802003
Goulburn Murray WaterGoulburn WeirStrengthening of superstructure$3.402010
Goulburn Murray WaterGoulburn WeirAnchor replacement$1.202009
Goulburn Murray WaterHepburns LagoonConstruction of filters and supporting rockfill at toe of dam and lowering of spillway crest$0.102002
Goulburn Murray WaterLaanecoorieInstallation of filters at embankment/spillway interface  raise low point on embankment and anchor spillway wing wall$6.102009
Goulburn Murray WaterLaanecoorieFilter buttress across the embankment extending from 2009 works, replacement of the upper portion of clay core at the left abutment and rehabilitation of secondary spillway.$2.852013
Goulburn Murray WaterNewlynRaise embankment to original design levels to improve flood capacity$0.102007
Goulburn Murray WaterTullaroopConstruction of filter buttress against left abutment of main embankment and replacement of butterfly valve$1.402006
Goulburn Murray WaterWilliam HovellUpgrade of flood capacity and reconstruction of filters on main embankment$6.102010
Goulburn Valley WaterBroadford No 3Embankment upgrade$0.702006
Goulburn Valley WaterHollowback ReservoirReduction in operating level and spillway works$0.072013
Goulburn Valley WaterMansfield No. 3Embankment upgrade$1.552012
Goulburn Valley WaterSunday CreekEmbankment upgrade$4.302007
Gippsland WaterBuckley's Hill No. 1Install toe filters around inlet pipe$0.032011
Gippsland WaterBuckley's Hill No. 1Wave protection improvement works. construction of overflow pipe to clear water storage, replacement/installation of piezometer and dam crest reinstatement$0.102010
Gippsland WaterBuckley's Hill No. 1Dam Crest Reinstatement$0.152013
Gippsland WaterBuckley's Hill No. 2Installation of spillway filter buttress, wave protection improvement works, and dam crest reinstatement$0.102010
Gippsland WaterBuckley's Hill No. 2Relining of spillway overflow pipe$0.032009
Grampians Wimmera Mallee WaterCopes HillInstallation of embankment filters, weighting berm and collector drains$0.102000
Grampians Wimmera Mallee WaterCopes HillExtension of berm, installation of filters for full embankment height, outlet works$0.672012
Grampians Wimmera Mallee WaterLake BellfieldIncreasing of spillway capacity and anchor outlet tower$2.502003
Grampians Wimmera Mallee WaterLake WartookInstallation of weighting berm$14.701999
Grampians Wimmera Mallee WaterOlivers GullyInstallation of filter drain behind left and spillway side wall$0.102003
Grampians Wimmera Mallee WaterOlivers GullyInstallation of full height chimney filter with finger drains in western embankment$0.202005
Grampians Wimmera Mallee WaterOlivers GullyRaising of left spillway side wall$0.102001
Grampians Wimmera Mallee WaterOlivers GullyStabilising fill and full height filters installed on main embankment$0.901998
Grampians Wimmera Mallee WaterOlivers GullyRockfill placement on main and northern embankments$0.202006
Grampians Wimmera Mallee WaterTaylors LakeSleeving of outlet$3.402009
Grampians Wimmera Mallee WaterTaylors LakeEmbankment rehabilitation$1.702010
Melbourne WaterBeaconsfield DamSpillway works$0.022010
Melbourne WaterCardinia Main DamMinor embankment works$0.102007
Melbourne WaterDevilbend DamSpillway capacity upgrade$0.102009
Melbourne WaterFrankston DamSpillway upgrade$3.502010
Melbourne WaterFrankston DamEmbankment remedial works$0.402005
Melbourne WaterTarago DamEmbankment works$2.002010
Melbourne WaterTarago DamEmbankment downstream filter chimney raising to full height and secondary embankment filter upgrade$2.602012
Melbourne WaterToorourrong DamEmbankment and spillway upgrade$14.002012
Melbourne WaterYan Yean DamEmbankment remedial works$5.002001
North East WaterCommissioners CreekMinor toe drainage works and cleared trees off embankment 2004
North East WaterGlenrowan UpperDecommissioning of dam by breaching the dam wall 2011
North East WaterKerferdSpillway upgrade and embankment filters$1.902000
North East WaterLoombahSpillway Upgrade 2013
North East WaterLower Bakers GullyMinor toe drainage works 2005
North East WaterLower Bakers GullySpillway lowering 2013
North East WaterTaborMinor toe drainage works 1998
North East WaterTaborStabilisation of spillway stilling basin$0.202008
North East WaterUpper Bakers GullySpillway lowering 2013
North East WaterUpper Bakers GullySpillway lowered 0.5m  minor toe drainage works 2005
South East WaterMoorabbin ReservoirInstallation of retaining wall$0.022013
South East WaterMoorabbin ReservoirInstallation of new piezometers$0.032013
South East WaterRosedale Grove No. 2Modification of toe drain discharge points to allow easier monitoring$0.012013
South East WaterRosedale Grove No. 2Installation of level sensor & telemetry to capture flow through toe drains$0.012013
South Gippsland WaterLance CreekEmbankment works$3.502005
Southern Rural WaterCowwarr WeirReplacement of sheet pile weir structure$2.002013
Southern Rural WaterGlenmaggie DamErosion repairs to dam toe$0.202013
Southern Rural WaterGlenmaggie DamReplacement of downstream toe protection$0.402008
Southern Rural WaterMelton DamReplacement of cast iron outlet$2.502013
Southern Rural WaterMelton DamProtection of right downstream abutment$3.352012
Southern Rural WaterNarracan DamAnchor installation and spillway gate strengthening and replacement of operating gear$6.002003
Southern Rural WaterPykes Creek DamSpillway training wall raising$0.501998
Southern Rural WaterPykes Creek DamRemodelling of embankment spillway interface$0.302005
Southern Rural WaterPykes Creek DamInstallation of filters and flood capacity upgrade$5.702009
Southern Rural WaterRosslynne DamFlood capacity and filter installation$3.802000
Southern Rural WaterYallourn WeirAnchor installation and replacement of drum gate with concrete crest$5.502006
Southern Rural WaterYallourn WeirStability improvement works on downstream apron$2.002013
Western WaterAndersons DamPermanent lowering of full supply level$0.002011
Western WaterGraham Brock ReservoirFilter buttress and filter collar construction around outlet pipes$0.022012
Western WaterMcDonalds DamEmbankment toe drain  collector and monitoring pipes installed  embankment crest resurfaced and levelled  beaching added at spillway mouth$0.102006
Western WaterMcDonalds DamSpillway relined with sprayed reinforced concrete and under drains installed$0.302006
Western WaterPierce ReservoirFull supply level and dam crest lowered to improve stability and spillway (overflow pipe) added$0.102001
Western WaterReservoir CConstructed partial height chimney filter and stabilising berm installed$0.302001
Western WaterSurbiton Park Irrigation Storage No. 3Upgraded inlet works 2011
Western WaterSurbiton Park Storage Pond No. 2Outlet works pump station 2011
Western WaterSurbiton Park Storage Pond No. 2Constructed chimney and blanket drain with weighting fill over 100 m length of 1.4 km long embankment$0.202008
Westernport WaterCandowieRemoval of drop boards in spillway crest$0.101996
Wannon WaterCamperdown - Donalds Hill ReservoirStability works and filter installation$0.502002
Wannon WaterGlenthompson - Menzies Lane ReservoirFilter collar at outlet pipe works 2005
Wannon WaterKonongwootong ReservoirInstallation of new internal drainage system with filters 2014
Wannon WaterOtways - Plantation Road ReservoirStability works and filter installation$0.302003
Wannon WaterOtways - Tank Hill ReservoirStability works and filter installation$0.402004
Wannon WaterWarrnambool - Brierly Service BasinNew spillway 2009

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