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The Schools Water Efficiency Program (SWEP) allows Victorian schools to access their own water usage information through a fun educational online platform. Data loggers are placed on school water meters to record usage data for the school to then monitor and track.

Mixed group of high school students in uniform sitting in a circle on grassThe data loggers are helping to improve water efficiency by identifying high water usage and leaks, saving water and money. The loggers continuously record water use and provide access to an interactive web portal; this information can be used as part of the school curriculum. Participating schools receive access to a tailored curriculum program which uses the school's water data in mathematics and science, as well as providing students with robust water saving messages to use at school and home.

SWEP has registered over 1,300 schools in Victoria since it started in 2012, which is more than half of all schools. The program has helped these schools save over nine billion litres of water that would have cost them more than $30.6 million in water and wastewater charges.

Drawing on the success and savings achieved by water monitoring, SWEP now offers an electricity monitoring and solar energy generation service.

More information on the SWEP website.

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Page last updated: 31/05/22