Top tips to help you be water wise in and around your home:

  1. Young boy and girl holding watering can, watering gardenLimit shower time to 4 minutes (try using a timer or playing a 4-minute song)
  2. Only use the washing machine when full and on eco mode
  3. Only use the dishwasher when full and on eco mode
  4. Water your garden for longer but do it less often. This will encourage deeper roots which helps plants become more drought tolerant
  5. Use mulch on your garden to stop water evaporation by up to 70%
  6. Put a plug in the sink when washing vegetables

Always follow the Permanent Water Saving Rules

Check out more water wise tips at Smart Water Advice

Help secure Victoria's water supply

By using water responsibly at home, in the garden and at work you are helping to secure Victoria’s water supply long into the future.

With the impact of population growth and climate change we need to continue to focus on the supply and demand of water. A diverse range of water sources and efficiency measures are needed to help ensure there will be enough water to meet all our needs.

If everyone plays a part, we can manage our water resources in line with a growing population and forecasted drier conditions.

Man and woman loading laundry into front loading washing machine

Page last updated: 17/05/23