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Using water responsibly in your home is your opportunity to help secure water supplies and create greener, more liveable communities for now and into the future. With the impact of population growth and climate change, we need to continue focus on both the supply of water and demand. A diverse range of water sources and efficiency measures are needed to help ensure there will be enough water to meet all our needs.

Melbourne is the nation's fastest growing city with Victoria's population predicted to almost double to reach 10 million people by 2051. A growing population means greater pressure on our water supplies.

Average residential water use across Melbourne was 161 litres per person per day in 2016/17. This is a reduction from 166 litres per person per day in 2015/16.

Target 155 encourages Melbourne households to use 155 litres per person per day – this is 6 litres less each day, two thirds of a bucket of water. With some simple and easy behaviour changes we can all reach Target 155.

Target Your Water Use has been designed for our regional urban areas, where population growth is placing increasing pressure on our water storages.

Like Target 155, this program focuses on taking a longer-term view of our water usage habits, while providing locals easy access to the information they need to make informed decisions about the amount of water they use.

It also recognises that each regional water corporation faces a unique set of circumstances and a one-size-fits-all approach does not work in every cases.

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Water efficiency measures

Target 155 and Target Your Water Use are being implemented locally by each urban water corporation.

The water corporations have been working collaboratively with the Department for Environment, Land, Water and Planning on a program of initiatives for residential and non-residential customers, including:

  • Permanent Water Saving Rules, encourage common sense water use even when water restrictions are not in place.
  • Smart Water Advice, provides water utilities, customers and councils with a range of educational, interactive water saving sources.
  • Schools Water Efficiency Program, enables schools to track their water usage using data loggers.
  • Community Water Rebate Program, aims to reduce costs for vulnerable and hardship customers and help them avoid high bills in the future.
  • Comparative water usage, water customers can see how much water they have used compared to previous months and years simply by looking at their bill.
  • Community Housing Retrofit Pilot Program, assists not-for-profit emergency and community housing organisations to repair leaks and faulty water appliances to make their housing properties more water efficient to help reduce water cost.  The pilot program is being offered in Melbourne, Central Highlands and Lower Murray regions.

Get informed, get involved

The Victorian Government is working with partners, industry and the community to ensure we make the best use of our precious water supplies.

Speak to your water business for more way to use water more efficiently indoors and outdoors.

Page last updated: 16/07/2018