The framework

We’ve produced the Integrated Water Management Framework for Victoria to help us all - government, the community and the water sector - work together to plan, manage and deliver water in Victoria’s towns and cities.

Our goal is to deliver greater community value. The Framework shows how we can do this through consistent and strategic collaboration within the water sector – including water corporations, local governments and catchment management authorities – and through their links with organisations involved in land use planning. The approach in the Framework works with and feeds into existing water and land planning processes.

An Australian first: this is the first time that the systematic application of collaborative integrated water management has been designed and promoted at a state-wide scale in an Australian context and the Victorian Government looks forward to working with the water sector to implement it.

Integrated Water Management

The Victorian water sector is working together to create better outcomes for communities through the implementation of integrated water management (actions 5.7 and 5.8, Water for Victoria).

Integrated water management is a collaborative approach to planning. We bring together organisations that influence all elements of the water cycle including:

  • waterways and bays
  • wastewater management
  • alternative and potable water supply
  • stormwater management
  • water treatment

Integrated Water Management Forums

Local voices are central to decision making so we’re creating Integrated Water Management Forums across metro and regional Victoria.

The Forums will prioritise opportunities for collaboration and incorporate community and Traditional Owner values into urban place-based planning.

Forums will be established for the five major waterway catchments. Chair appointments have been announced to kick start these forums and promote collaboration between critical agencies including water corporations, catchment management authorities, local government, traditional owner groups, Victorian Planning Authority and many others.  

Chair appointments

  • Yarra Catchment: Chris Chesterfield
  • Westernport Catchment: Dr Gillian Sparkes
  • Werribee Catchment: Rob Skinner (Lead Chair)
  • Maribyrnong Catchment: Lydia Wilson
  • Dandenong Catchment: Shaun Cox

Metropolitan forums

Stylised map of metropolitan Victoria showing approximate boundaries for Werribee (West), Maribyrnong (North-West), Yarra (North), Dandenong (South) and Western Port (South-East) Forum regions.

Forums are being established across regional Victoria based on water corporation boundaries. Where possible they acknowledge and build on existing networks and forums.

A new stand-alone Forum will be established for the Barwon region with Professor Carol Boyle as Forum chair. The Goulburn Broken Integrated Water Management Forum established by key regional partners in 2017 will provide the key avenue for collaboration within the Goulburn Valley Water’s region.

Other regional based Forums are being developed in collaboration with regional stakeholders and announcements will be made as soon as practical.

Status of regional Forums - January 2018

Program Status as at January 2018. Established: Goulburn Valley, Barwon, Coliban. Co-design of IWM forum underway: Wannon, Central Highlands, East Gippsland. IWM Forum discussions progressing: Lower Murray, North East, Central Gippsland. No status shown: Grampians, South Gippsland.

More information

After Water for Victoria was released in 2016, the Victorian Government released a draft Integrated Water Management Framework for Victoria for industry feedback.  This feedback has been analysed and used to shape the final Integrated Water Management Framework for Victoria.  A summary of the analysis of the feedback is included in the Closing the Loop report.