Integrated Water Management (IWM) is a collaborative approach to the way we plan for and manage all elements of the water cycle. IWM considers how the delivery of water, wastewater and stormwater services can contribute to water security, public and environmental health and urban amenity. It fundamentally shifts the way water, land use planning and urban development opportunities are understood and undertaken in Victoria.

In a time of climate change and increasing urbanisation it’s vital we work together to consider all water sources to service the community. DELWP have partnered with Clearwater to produce this animated video that shows how Integrated Water Management can help all Victorians.

Since 2017, DELWP has made significant progress towards implementing IWM planning across Melbourne and regional Victoria in collaboration with key IWM partners. This includes:

  • Bringing together over 100 organisations to collaboratively plan and deliver water related liveability outcomes through the IWM Forums
  • Funding 165 strategic and capital projects throughout the state, totalling more than $65 million in investment from DELWP to support resilient cities and towns. View a map of the projects (PDF, 770.1 KB). Accessible version (DOCX, 54.6 KB)
  • Saving around 1 billion litres of drinking water a year through IWM Program capital funding.

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A shared responsibility

Water corporations, catchment management authorities, Traditional Owners and local government all play a key role in delivering water related liveability benefits. An Integrated Water Management Framework for Victoria (PDF, 9.8 MB) has been created to help government and our delivery partners work together to deliver good water outcomes for the community. Central to the framework are the Integrated Water Management Forums established across Victoria. These forums facilitate collaborative, whole-of-catchment water planning and management to maintain and enhance the liveability, prosperity and resiliency of Victoria’s cities and towns.

Delivery partners

IWM is an evolving process that seeks to coordinate and balance many views and interests in the water sector around common goals and agreed outcomes.

Our delivery partners include water corporations, catchment management authorities, local government, other government departments and agencies, Traditional Owners, and the community.

Our continued success through collaboration rests on our shared vision to achieve greater environmental, social, cultural and economic benefits through integrated water management and planning.

Page last updated: 28/11/22