Groundwater is a valuable natural resource that we must manage well now and in future for Victoria’s communities.

It supplies about 15% of Victoria’s water needs, including 70 towns, and is vital for a healthy environment and healthy Country for Traditional Owners.

As we look towards a hotter, drier future with climate change, we need to ensure that we have a groundwater licensing and management framework to serve us well into the future.

GM2030 is a statement of priorities for the next eight years for the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) and the rural water corporations (Lower Murray Water, Goulburn-Murray Water, Grampians Wimmera Mallee Water and Southern Rural Water).

It is the Victorian water sector’s commitment to strong groundwater management that can adjust to meet opportunities and challenges as water use and industry transform in the future.

Reflecting DELWP’s commitment to include Victoria’s Traditional Owners in the management of the state’s water resources through Water for Victoria (2016), GM2030 will embed opportunities to partner with Traditional Owners during the implementation of priority actions.

DELWP and rural water corporations recognise that the success of GM2030 will be realised by working together with Traditional Owners, water users, key stakeholders and the community to deliver the priority actions.

The long-term delivery of GM2030 involves three outcomes and the supporting priority areas to progress its vision by 2030.

Graphic of Vision Outcomes Actions

Accessible version of GM2030 graphic (DOCX, 25.4 KB)

Implementation and Engagement

We will report annually on implementation via the DELWP website. Commencement of discussions with Traditional Owners will occur at the earliest opportunity to assist in incorporating cultural knowledge into the work program.

Should engagement with Traditional Owners and key stakeholders identify a need to adjust priorities or timelines for delivery, GM2030 will be updated to reflect this.

Upon release of GM2030, the next key steps will be:

  • commencing technical and foundational investigations, studies and research,
  • informing key stakeholders of the proposed work program and seeking feedback on proposed implementation strategies for priority areas,
  • adjusting and resetting GM2030 Priority Areas around timing or scope to reflect community feedback, if necessary.

Checking progress

We commit to check in on progress of GM2030 priorities annually and will conduct a full review in 2026 to ensure we remain focused on the key opportunities and risks for all users and are meeting stakeholder expectations.

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