Managing extreme water shortages in Victoria – Lessons from the Millennium Drought

The dry conditions experienced between 1996 and 2010, often described as the Millennium Drought, brought about changes in how water is managed in Victoria.

Managing Extreme Water Shortage in Victoria: Lessons from the Millennium Drought documents the experiences of water managers across Victoria during the Millennium Drought, and highlights the lessons learned about water planning and management. The report provides an insight into how the Victorian water entitlement and water planning framework was strengthened to manage future dry climate conditions.

The report captures the steps taken to address low water resource availability and to ensure equitable, efficient and appropriate use of water. This includes changes to water resource management in all sectors (urban, irrigation, domestic and stock, and environmental), as well as investment in infrastructure, water efficiency and behavioural change programs.

These improvements put Victoria in a good position for future drought scenario planning.

Page last updated: 19/02/21